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Hello all,

Thanks for registering for our updates. As promised we will try to keep you up to date with events involving the team and progress building towards our challenge in June next year. Many of you have registered because you are friends or family of the team members but I would also like to make the updates useful for people who are looking to plan events of their own and would like to see what is involved and maybe even pick up hints that will help them with their preparation.

In the last week we have continued to speak to potential investors in the team. Rowing an ocean is not cheap. There are lots of items to pay for. At present we are still in discussion with a number of people interested in potentially investing in the team. It’s a tricky time. We can’t put names out there as nothing is signed and we can’t make deals with smaller investors in case the potential bigger investors want to take the whole package. We have a lot of experience within the team and we have all been here before so I am sure that we will navigate our way through this tricky time. Hopefully we will be able to announce some big name sponsors soon. If you are interested in investing in the team then please contact us using this link.

Andy and Steve had a couple of busy days this week. Our Boat trailer has been adapted thanks to some work arranged by Andy and is ready to receive the Boat. Andy and Steve made a very long 800 mile round trip in a 22 hour period from the South to Leven’s yard up in the borders and back again to deliver the trailer, have a chat with Leven Brown and get back in time for the day jobs. Here are a few images from the day:-

At least the Boat is looking presentable.


The Scottish tourist board reported a noticeable dip in visitors that day! I think I see why.


Our crewmate Mike Matson sets off today to row across the Pacific Ocean with friend Brian Krauskopf who together form team attack poverty. I’m not convinced that rowing the Pacific is the best way to prepare for rowing the Atlantic but Mike is a unique character. All members of the #AtlanticSix wish him a safe return. Not just because he has lots of kit on his boat that we will be using on our crossing. Honest! Bon voyage Mike and Brian. You can follow Mike’s progress using this link.

Thanks for following us. Further updates to follow soon.

The crew.


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