Update 20th June

Hi all,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last update.

Those of you who have been following our Facebook page will have heard about the bad luck experienced by Mike Matson in his Great Pacific Row event. Mike and crewmate Brian were caught in an adverse weather pattern. The poor weather caused them extreme difficulties and caused their boat Anne to capsize. Both rowers were unhurt in the capsize but Mike suffered with Hypothermia and eventually they had to be rescued. This was a huge blow but safety must come first.

At the point of rescue little did they know the challenge that lay ahead. Mike and Brian were initially rescued by the HMM Hyundai Bangkok.

But they had to leave their boat Anne at sea with tens of thousands of pounds worth of kit. An international appeal followed to try to rescue Anne. Calls and messages were exchanged across continents until the crew of the Research Vessel Sally Ride agreed to rescue the Boat. Here is a link to their own report about the rescue.

It was a great ending for all after a lot of hard work. I’d like to say an enormous thank you to the crew of the R/V Sally Ride.

In other news this week another of our crew, Sean McGuigan, took part in the Ratrace Ultra Marathon The Wall. This is a 69 mile run from Carlisle to Gateshead along the route of Hadrians Wall. It was a tough event and the competitors experienced all 4 seasons in a single day but Sean finished the race in 310th place in a time of just over 18 hours. He can currently be found soaking his feet somewhere near Gateshead. He now intends to focus his training on rowing leading up to our challenge next year. Here are some pictures from the race:-

Our Boat has now been safely placed aboard her trailer and work has commenced on her by Leven Brown in preparation for the event. There is lots of work to do but she literally couldn’t be in better hands than Leven Brown. One of the most experienced and awarded Ocean rowers on the planet.

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Many thanks

Atlantic Six

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