Say hello to Jàkup

Hi all, unfortunately owing to circumstances beyond his control Daryl has had to withdraw from the Atlantic Six. Daryl remains involved with the team and is very much part of our group. Before anybody asks he is not injured or unwell. This was simply owing to the need to shift to row to 2020.

However Daryls departure has opened the door for a friend of the team to step in and he’s some substitute. I’d like to introduce you all to Jàkup Jacobsen from the Faroe Islands. Jàkup met with the team while we were in La Gomera over Christmas and was very keen to fill the vacancy.

Jákup Jacobsen was born in the Faroe Islands. He is 55 years of age. He is a family man and and established rower of traditional Faroese boats. He has done this since he was 17 years old. Jákup has also been an avid kayaker over the past two decades, roaming the tricky seas off the Faroes.

Last year , together with 3 others, Jákup rowed the Atlantic from Portugal to Cuba. A total of 4.200 nm in the boat Saga.

Saga landed in Baracoa, Cuba 12. Mai

Before that he was member of the crew on Avalon who rowed from Scotland to Faroe Islands in 2015.

“Oceans connect people,” Jákup contemplates. “I take the opposite approach to the assertion that oceans divide people.” That´s why you will find me in this crew of good people.

“I am looking forward to take the North Atlantic with the boys.”

we’re very excited to have Jàkup on the crew and to be honest many of us thought Daryl was a bit too touchy feely so it’s maybe all for the best.

We are planning a few events in the near future. Stay tuned for updates. Please share and follow the page.


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