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I just wanted to post a short update to the website about the event at the weekend.

As mentioned in our last update the #AtlanticSix met up at Gatwick Airport to have a pop at the small team Continual row World Record. The rules of the small team event are that the age and weight of the team is decided by the youngest and heaviest member of the team. You can have anything up to 10 members on your crew. We wanted to do it using only members of the crew rowing and Neil was unavailable owing to work commitments. As such we were up against it numbers wise only having 5 available but that was what we wanted. All 5 turned up on time. no real dramas. Bearing in mind how far we all had to travel that in itself was a good sign.  Jakup and his lovely wife Gunva flew in from Denmark for the event. Sean drove down from Newcastle. We took a picture before the start to catch us at our best. Looking at it you’d never know that!

Stephen had bought the team tee shirts. We told him that we needed 3 of the  XL tee shirts. So Stephen ordered (yes you’ve guessed it) 3XL. As in XXXL. As such everyone had to make do with Medium. Except Sean who just put on a XXXL and tucked it in a lot. Whatever you do don’t send Stephen to the shops for Fork handles fork 🍴. The younger readers may not get that!

After a brief discussion the first thing that we agreed upon as a team is that Jakup is punching above his level with Gunva. Then we decided to get on to talking about the rowing. The staff at Gatwick were tremendous. They met us and had everything ready. They constantly popped by to see if we needed anything and cheered us on in the early hours of the morning when there were no real customers about. Their support made things so much easier. Initially we had some issues as Sean brought the wrong connector for the Laptop meaning that we couldn’t get the Video playing on the TV that we had brought for that purpose. The Chromecast wouldn’t access Airport Wifi to allow us to stream it. Thankfully Jakup had his laptop so we managed to get the Video going and we got the Banner up and a sign on another Laptop telling people what we were doing. We used the event to raise funding for the local Air Ambulance so we stuck a couple of Buckets out too.

We got going straight away at 1pm. For the rowers among you we used a PM4 monitor. We needed to do 24 hours to get the record so we set the monitor for a single interval at 24 hours using the variable function which worked well. The rules are that the flywheel on the rower must not stop for the entire 24 hour period so we did a bit of admin around changeovers and just got going. We did 20 minutes each during the 24 hours. We decided to maintain a decent pace during the event. The team are all established rowers so there were no issues with that.  Nobody picked up any injuries. The spirit among the team was great. There was lots of good banter and, as expected, lots of mickey taking. Much of that should not be publicised! 😬

Rowing on a Concept 2 for many hours is not exciting but we kept each other entertained and thanks to Coughlans bakers we were well fed. The Airport staff got us coffees regularly too. One of our sponsors from Thurlowe-Clarke popped by for a visit and to check on his investment.  Thurlowe-Clarke are always careful with their investments (see what I did there?😂) We stuck to the required pace well. We actually passed our target distance with about 30 minutes remaining. That meant that there were never any dramas along the way. Here is a short video that we took as we went along:-


The Airport provided us with a few camp beds so we managed the odd 5 minutes 💤 on our downtime. Nothing more than that but it did help to re-charge the batteries. The picture below shows us at our worst. Stephen knew the camera was there so I’m sure he was doing his war face on purposewhen this picture was taken:-

Guin Batten popped by to see the team. Guin is a British Olympic rower who won Silver at the 2000 Olympics. She has also already rowed the North Atlantic so it was very interesting to hear her views on the route. You can never have too much advice. Especially for a challenge as unusual as rowing the North Atlantic. Eventually, On schedule, at 1pm yesterday we finished our row and packed up and left the Airport.We left as World Record Holders. We were careful to do all of the necessary documentation and keep logs witnessed Below is an image of Gunva going through the Log. As we were careful I am sure that the relevant certificates declaring us the holders of the new record will arrive in the near future:-

We took a team picture at the finish. It’s just as well we can row. I do not foresee modelling agencies battering our door down:-

Basically it looks like a group of people took their dad to sit on a Rowing Machine.

Thanks for all of the support. A Cheque will be winging it’s way to the Air Ambulance Charity this week. We have many more events planned. Please remember to follow us and share with people what we are doing. If you would like to advertise with or have an idea how the team can become involved in your event then just get in touch.



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