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Hello all,

We continue to complete the tasks behind the scenes that are essential for a successful Ocean row.

Since the last update the crew (minus Mike who has a decent excuse for not being there) met up in London for a team planning meeting and to thrash out a few ideas. It was a productive day during which we met with potential sponsors among other things. Here are some images from the day:-










The crew are united in agreement that we want this Ocean crossing to be different to the norm. We are all very different people (apart from Stephen who is different but probably can’t be classed as people) and we’re all doing the row for different reasons but we do want to ensure that we raise funds for our charity (details to follow soon). Raise awareness for various issues and have fun along the way.

One thing we are determined to do is to capture a decent amount of footage before, during and after the row. We want to be able to tell the story of a whole Ocean crossing which we do not think has been done in an honest way before. We don’t want this to just be about bravado and good news. We want to capture the highs and, just as importantly, the lows and tell the story of how tough an Ocean crossing is. This is something that we are all acutely aware of from our previous experiences. We have made plans to be able to live stream footage from the Ocean regularly so that people can not only follow the little blip on a tracker screen but actually get a feel of what we’re experiencing as we experience it. We are also in talks with a film maker to make some sort of documentary about the whole experience. Trust me it will be more interesting than big Brother. It could be the reality TV experience of the year.

In order to achieve all of this we need people to be aware of the campaign. Please do your bit by registering for the website, sharing our social media pages and links and telling people about us. We are still not in a position to make any big announcements re sponsorship etc. It’s difficult to sort the detail but we do hope to be able to do so soon. The charity is an important part of the whole adventure.

For all of the above reasons there is likely to be a lot of exposure and publicity surrounding the event. People will be following us. It’s highly likely that after the event people will want to know how Stephen got so many injuries! That will generate publicity. The event will provide good opportunities for advertising on the boat, our website and social media channels. We will use the funding raised from this advertising to pay for essential kit for the race. All surplus will go to the charity. If you work for a business that may be interested in advertising with us then please get in touch. Please also share this with anybody who may be interested. The more shares we get the more likely we will come to the attention of the right people. Please become part of the adventure by sharing.

Many thanks

Atlantic Six

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