November update

Hi everyone. I’d like to start this latest update by welcoming our latest sponsor Canvassing Happiness who have signed up to be one of our corporate backers and in return will be getting their name on the boat before we begin the event. Click on the image to be taken directly to their Facebook page for more information.

This is a crucial time for the row. It may seem like next June is a million years away but it will be here before we know it. Once we are on the water and underway the publicity surrounding our event will be huge. Now is a great time to get on board. In the last weeks and months before the event we will maybe be too busy to accept new sponsors and print decals for the boat and publish them here on the website. So please don’t delay if you’re thinking about coming on-board. Get in touch with the team you can contact us by clicking this link and you can join Canvassing happiness as part of the team. You can view our website by just searching online for AtlanticSix We will be the first hit on most search engines including Google or you can just click this link.

In other news we have heard from Ocean rowing legend Leven Brown regarding progress on our Boat. The Deck is sue to be fitted soon. Leven has recently taken a huge step forward in building the shell for his prototype new Ocean rowing Boat design so he has a busy workshop. We are still on track to have the boat to take to events early next year.

Andy Warner has once again decided to have a pop at the annual worldwide Crazy Bear challenge this year. He has currently rowed an impressive half Marathon per day every day so far and we will monitor his progress closely. Andy is a former winner of this worldwide challenge. It basically involves sitting on a rower in pain for many days. Andy is used to spending time with Steve Murphy so he should be reasonably easy for him. You can follow his progress here . As can be seen from the meme’s below Stephen isn’t known for his cheery disposition. He more inspires the crew by showing us what not to do.

Whilst we’re on the Meme theme here’s why we need you to help us by sharing the page and getting in touch if you have contacts within a business that may be able to help us:-

The crew have all invested heavily in this campaign but we aim to make money for our charity Team Rubicon UK who do amazing work in disaster relief. Please take a few minutes to share our site and maybe donate a few pound to our crowdfunder campaign if you are not linked with a business. The link to our crowdfunder can be found here

As always thank you for taking the time to read our page.

The crew


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