Merry Christmas From the Atlantic Six


Just a short update to firstly wish everyone a Merry Christmas including  those at sea at the minute in the TWAC 2018.

4 of our crew were out in La Gomera to see the start of this years race. It was great to be around the rowers as they made their final preparations and to be able to socialise with fellow ocean rowers and to talk about boats and the challenges that they were about to face. On the last day it was apparent that the crews were going through the same emotions as we all did prior to our individual departures to cross the Atlantic. It’s a massive challenge. One that will test their mind and body to the extreme. Thankfully, owing to the excellent organisation and professionalism of the TWAC team they are all as well prepared as you can be for what faces them.

Good luck to you all. If any of you are reading this from the middle of the Atlantic the answers are 1)  Yes Everybody’s ass hurts that much. 2) No you don’t get used to it. 3) Yes it will recover quite quickly once you’re on dry land.

Whilst out in La Gomera we took the opportunity to visit the infamous Blue Marlin Bar on the island. For 2 weeks a year this is where the Ocean rowers congregate ahead of their departure. The walls are covered in messages from teams that are about to set off to row the Ocean. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get our logo on there. We are now official! No going back now. This is almost as key a moment as when we purchased the Boat.

Now that the TWAC 2018 rowers are at sea you can easily track their progress via the yellow brick road app online. This allows you to see how they’re going and follow any crew that you may know. I recommend doing so. We will also provide the opportunity to follow us whilst at sea via a similar method. As well as regular short videos and social media updates throughout. Sign up now for full details and progress reports.



We went out on a Yacht to give some encouragement to the teams as they depart shore. It was quite a moment sailing past this boom even though I knew I’d be back a few hours later. The last time I saw this thing was quite a big moment and the memories came flooding back. There’s nothing quite like that feeling as you push off land with no engine or sails. Just you, a boat and a set of oars and you know that the next landfall is several thousand miles away. Terrifying and exciting all wrapped up together. What follows is a truly life changing experience for each and every one of them.

The trip did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for our pending row. We made some great contacts and got to spend some time together discussing our own event in 2020. It can’t come soon enough.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following us and ask you to please continue to share our page with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas







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