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Welcome to our  latest update. It’s been a few weeks since the last update but we’ve got an event to announce and a few updates about what the team have been up to.

The busiest team member of the Month this month goes to Stephen Murphy. His endurance sport history is already very varied and impressive but now you can add to that the fact that he can now paddle things. Not satisfied with running Marathons in Jungles and the North Pole as well as Cycling insane distances and of course rowing the Atlantic he decided to undertake one of the toughest Canoe races there are. A 201km (125 miles) non stop canoe race from Devizes to Westminster. He completed this in an impressive time of 28 hours along with a friend of the team Callum Gathercole. Callum was the youngest person ever to row the Atlantic Ocean solo in 2015/16 and is himself an accomplished athlete. They did this to raise funds for a great cause Alzheimers research. Here are a few images from the race:-

Very well done guys. They were supported by team mate Andy Warner and his Daughter Siobhan. Andy proving once again what a great team player he is. Working hard behind the scenes. To be fair Andy has a face that suits being behind the scenes. He was considering a career in Radio until they started putting webcams in their studios!

so, ‘Canoe’ help us (see what I did there?) We continue to speak to people behind the scenes to get corporate sponsors in place. Now is the time for businesses to get involved to maximise their return and be part of this from the very beginning. We now have a number of pledges for backing. Especially in our 250 club which we will be updating soon. If you want to be a member of the 250 club just get in touch and we will give you a call to sort it out. £250 for a seat at the table and to be a part of this epic challenge. You will get a lot of benefits and some great publicity.

During our row from New York to England we will be passing regular updates from the Ocean and doing lots of media interviews. We will have video and audio clips released by our shore based team. Once we finish there will be a video of our crossing. All of these will direct people to our website and social media where they will see your business.

Another thing that we’d like to make you aware of is the fact that next Month, on the weekend of June 07th/08th and 09th, the crew are getting together in the Spot gym in Godstone when we will be breaking the world record for the longest small team continual row on a Concept 2 rowing machine. Jakup is flying over for the event. It may seem a bit cocky to say that we ‘are’ breaking the record but with the experience this team have in endurance sport and the miles we have rowed between us, the record will fall. In order to break the record we need to keep the rower going for over 24 hours without the flywheel stopping. We will post some video and updates from the weekend in our next update.

The Spot is managed by ex professional Footballer Nick Forster who must be a good guy as he helps train Stephen Murphy. Anybody who can make Stephen do things must be doing something right. If anybody wants to know more about the Spot then click the link above.

Thanks for following. Please share our website and page and let people know what we are doing. We need every share and contact that we can make at this crucial stage of our campaign. What we are attempting has rarely been done. Very few people have ever rowed the Atlantic ocean at all. the amount who have rowed it both ways total in the single figures. We are not just aiming to do this but to set a World record for West to east as we do so. Even just making it across West to east is truly one of the worlds toughest challenges. But don’t take our word for it.  Here are the words of one  of the few people who have done both, Ocean rowing legend Leven Brown:-

Please register for the website and leave a comment. Thanks for reading #AtlanticSix


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