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Hello all,

We’ve been a busy team over recent weeks. I wanted to start this update by giving a shout out to crewmate Stephen Murphy. As I write this post we have crew member Stephen Murphy running the length of Ireland unsupported to raise money for our sponsors Team Rubicon Uk. Stephen Has been plagued by bad luck and bad weather for his latest challenge. It has rained pretty much every day and temperatures have been low. He has injured his heel and he has had some logistical issues. Faced with all of this most people would already have quit. He is cold and miserable. Fortunately he is accustomed to being miserable. It’s his default position. So it’s just the cold that he has to get used to. Here are a few images from the challenge:-

Click Here to see a video of Stephen preparing for his event. I only share this as it’s notable for being the longest i’ve ever seen Steve without hearing him complain. You can donate to Team Rubicon via this link if you wish to support Stephens event. Team Rubicon UK are a great cause who do amazing work worldwide to assist the victims of natural disasters. The Atlantic 6 crew are team Rubicon members and will use our event to raise funds for this great cause.

Shortly before Steve set off on his latest challenge crewmate Nicky Forster took part in an UltraMarathon across Surrey. 36 miles of hard graft in the Surrey Hills challenge on 22nd September. Nicky undertook this with little notice or training. He managed to turn in an impressive time considering.

Here is a picture taken from the finish with medals. Cracking effort Nicky.

We also received something nice in the post this week:-

Concept 2 have sent out our world record certificates to verify that the Atlantic Six have the World record from our fundraising event at Gatwick Airport earlier in the year. Another little achievement as we prepare for our upcoming challenge.

If you have read this post then please take a few minutes to share our post and help to spread the word about our challenge. We are doing this to raise funds for an amazing charity Team Rubicon UK They do amazing work to help victims of disaster worldwide. We are all Team Rubicon volunteers and they need funding to carry out their lifesaving work. All that we ask at this stage is that you share our posts and like our facebook page which you can find via this link. We are undertaking one of the toughest challenges in the world. We have invested significant sums of our own money to take part in this event and we all give up a lot of time to do tasks to support the event. We just you, our friends, to help us by making sure that people know about what we are doing. By sharing you help bring us to the attention of businesses and advertisers who may wish to help fund the team.

If Michael Jordan brings out a new line of shoes people break their necks to share the info on social media. If Dre brings out some new headphones people queue up to buy and talk about the benefits. They spend hundreds or even thousands when Apple bring out  a new device. You don’t know these people. They wont do anything to help you. But when somebody we know is doing an event like this we tend to get told “you shouldn’t do this” or “it won’t work.” We accept when others shoot for the stars but not when our friends do. Support us. Together with your help we can make this happen and we will get this done. Please just take a minute and make sure that people know what we are doing.

Many thanks

The Atlantic 6.

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