introducing the 250 club

Hello all,

As usual there has been lots of activity this week but most of it can’t be shared just yet. It’s a frustrating process planning something involving so many different people as we can’t share news about charities and potential sponsors or make full progress until all of the planets align but suffice to say that behind the scenes we are all beavering away with our own roles within the team.

We have now allocated tasks to each team member to source items of equipment and research their area of responsibility. It’s not the most riveting list of topics but it’s all essential stuff. Weather routing, Water maker servicing and spares, Oar system selection and maintenance, social media, navigation system etc etc. It’s a long list. Every task no matter how dull is essential to the safe and swift completion of our crossing.

We have now reached the stage where we are looking for backers for our campaign. To assist with this we would like to announce the 250 club .

For 250 pounds you will get a 100mm X 100mm patch on the boat. A logo and message of your choice on the 250 club page of the website and a shout out on our social media pages. If for no other reason it’s worth chipping in just to make sure that Stephen Murphy is out of the UK for a period of many weeks! If you don’t think that’s a good idea then you just don’t spend enough time with Stephen. All of the 250 club patches will be on the same area of the Boat. There will be many public appearances of the boat at venues around the country in the build up to the race. When the crossing is underway there will be multiple images shared on social media and on the official team film. Your logo will get lots of exposure for a very small fee.

Even if you are not involved with a business or do not work for a business that would like to be part of our campaign then please help us by sharing the page and letting people know about the project. There are a limited number of patches available in the 250 club so please get in touch ASAP to register your interest.


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