Hard work ahead.

Hi all,

Time continues to hurtle forward. The list of things to do ahead of our departure next year is still growing rather than shrinking. The team met up last weekend to have a look over the Boat and to make some decisions about exactly how the refit is done.

Work is already underway for many items but the Boat herself goes under the knife of experienced boat builder Mr Leven Brown of Leven Brown Adventure in late March. We have taken the decision to cut out the deck and replace it with stronger and lighter Carbon Fibre. We did tell Andy and Neil that we’d need a tough Jig saw to cut the deck out and they got on it straight away as you can see:-

We had a very productive meeting and for once we managed to stay on topic for several hours without allowing it to degenerate into abuse and banter. I suppose the passage of time has helped to focus minds. There are certainly exciting times in the near future for the #AtlanticSix.

We asked Jàkup to take a few pic’s but if this is how he aims the camera I’m thinking he won’t be our official photographer! I think you’re meant to look through the glass bit Jàkup.

The team have been allocated roles and tasks to help get us ready for the off and our goal is to have the boat on the water by August this year so that we can get some time on the water together before shipping out. Whilst we are all experienced rowers time on the water is important to ensure that we are well drilled and comfortable in our roles. We are going for a world record after all and hope that it will stand for some time.

As usual Leven Brown was a great host. He runs a tight shop up there. I mean as you can see from the attached pic he even has the Dog trained to behave and pose for the team photo’s.

As usual I’d like to remind people that we are looking for businesses to invest in the team and advertise on the Boat. There are many opportunities ranging from a few pound for a bit of kit with your name on right up to a full corporate package. Get in touch for more details.


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