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Hello all, Thanks for reading our latest update. This may be the only place on the internet that is Brexit free. Enjoy the respite.

In our last post we gave out details of our 250 club. We would like to thank everybody who shared the post both on and offline. We had a lot of enquiries in response. To clarify a few points we were asked:-

  • We do have a full sponsorship proposal. Just get in touch if you want details.
  • The 250 club is just one of our possible packages. If you want to see other options see the sponsorship section of the website or contact us.
  • We are a small team of rowers. We can be flexible. If you would like some sort of bespoke arrangement then just let us know.

Can I take this opportunity to once again ask people to take a few seconds to share the post. If you work for any company from a small local business right up to a large multi national please ask the decision maker to take a look at our challenge and ask them if they would like to get involved. You can be part of the adventure from as little as £250 and it is going to be some adventure with a lot happening before we head out, once we are on the Ocean and also when we return. There is a strong chance that you will regret not becoming involved once the extent of the media becomes clear. Get in touch and join the team.

In addition to our day jobs the team have been training hard over recent weeks. There is a decent amount of competition building on the indoor rower with times. Stephen continues to spend time in his Kayak. He denies that this is because it’s the only way he can be in a Boat where he doesn’t argue with anybody other crew members. Andy’s pony tail continues to defy science by not appearing to grow at all over several months. A theory is emerging that it is just a very cheap Wig.

The crew would like to pass on our congratulations to Lee Spencer (AKA the Rowing Marine) who is known to many of the crew. Lee completed an East to West continent to continent crossing this week in World record time. If you didn’t see any of the media about this then you must not own a TV, radio or smartphone. Huge congrat’s Royal. Enjoy that Steak and Chips.

In our next Blog I will (as requested) do something explaining the difference between a concept class and Pure class rowing Boat. If there are any questions that you would like to ask the team or topics that you’d like to raise then get in touch or leave a comment on the Facebook page. There’s always somebody happy to answer.



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