Atlantic Six – The Crew

The Crew
Every member of the crew has rowed at least one Ocean.
Between us we have over 67 weeks of experience rowing on Oceans. The crew are:

Steve Murphy
Steve crossed the Atlantic in 80 days in 2015/16 with Leven Brown. Steve has also run the
length of the UK in 20 days and has run across the North Pole and Sahara Desert. Last
year he cycled the length of the UK in only 5 days and at aged 60. Steve will be the oldest
person ever to row the Atlantic west to east.

Sean McGuigan
A former Royal Marine who crossed the Atlantic in 72 days in 2015/16 as a pair with fellow
rower Andy Warner.. He has completed Ironman Triathlons, Ultra Marathons & cycled the
UK. He also rowed across the North Sea last year. He made national media when he
finished an Ironman Triathlon despite his bike breaking with 20 miles to go. He picked up
the bike & ran to transition making cut off & finishing the event.

Andy Warner
Andy crossed the Atlantic as part of a pair with Sean McGuigan in 2015/16. Andy
has a history of indoor rowing. He won the worldwide Crazy Bear indoor rowing
challenge in 2014. Since Rowing the Atlantic Andy has ran a Marathon and
cycled from Cornwall to the Scottish Borders.

Mike Matson
Mike learned to row when he was a part of the men’s heavyweight crew at the US Naval Academy where he also
learned seamanship and navigational skills.
He crossed the Atlantic in 2016 in 49 days earning 2 Guinness world records in the process. He did this in his
boat Anne, named after a fellow firefighter who died on duty.
He owns Cross Fit, Live Oakland lives in Houston USA.

Neil Blackeby

Neil’s Blackeby. Neil is 57, a retired firefighter who has spent much of his life on the water. He took part in several 190k kayak
races before taking up sailing and has cruised, raced and delivered sailboats all around the UK, Ireland and France. He is a
member of Port Isaac rowing club and has rowed and raced Cornish pilot gig boats for the last 17 years, competing in many of
the county and world championships. He rowed across the Atlantic with a friend in 2015/16 in 65 days and was preparing his
boat for a solo attempt when he was recruited into the “Atlantic6” crew.

Daryl Farmer
Daryl rowed the Atlantic solo in 2016 in 96 days. It was a feat of supreme endurance. He was washed off the deck and
losing his entire rudder in a capsize. Many thought he could not complete his journey but he beat the odds to finish
the last 1200 miles with no rudder. He has completed the Marathon des sables and the Jungle Marathon which is 140
miles through the Amazon rain forest as well as multiple other ultras.

The crew all know each other from previous Ocean rowing events and have all been allocated individual roles as part
of the crew to work towards the team objective which is to set the World Record for a 6 man crossing west to East.
This is one of the most experienced crew ever to attempt the route and collectively they bring with them extensive
seamanship skills as well as a long history in endurance sports.

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