The Challenge

The Challenge
We aim to set a new world record by rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from west
to east. We will set off from New York in the first available weather window in
June 2020. We will then row unsupported until we reach the UK Mainland. We
will cover a minimum of 3100 Nautical miles in between 42 and 60 days
(dependent upon weather and conditions). The west to east route is the most
difficult way to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Previous crews who have attempted the
route have had a 30% success rate.
The crew will row as two teams of 3 rowers. The routine on board will be 2 hours
rowing followed by 2 hours resting. This will continue 24 hours a day from our
departure until we make landfall in the UK. During our non-rowing down time
the crew will need to complete maintenance tasks, prepare food and update social
media. It is our intention to make this one of the most social media friendly ocean
crossings ever. Our intention is to blog and post content and videos on a daily basis.
This will raise awareness for our cause as well as for any sponsors.