The Boat

The Boat:-
Designed by Peter Bosgraaf
Length 36 Feet
Classification Pure Class. Purpose built 6 man Ocean rowing boat.
The Boat will be equipped with a  Water Maker. This will allow us to produce our own drinking water from Ocean
water. We will carry an emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB). The EPIRB will automatically alert rescue services should the crew get into trouble.
We have see me Radar. This is an electrical device that ensures that any passing shipping sees the boat on their detector equipment to prevent collisions.
We have a top of the range Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS helps us to navigate and we can also pass data to allow tracking from this. We have a route planner. We will have access to the Internet. This will allow us to send live updates from the Ocean to publicise the event and help raise awareness for our sponsors. This should also boost the amount of money that we raise for our selected charity. We have VHF radio to allow us to communicate with shipping over short distance. We will also carry satellite communications to allow us to contact home and also contact emergency services over a longer distance. We will also be carrying a Yellow brick tracker to allow for regular location updates to be passed to supporters and family back home. Finally, and almost as important as the rest, we will have a music system to allow for our incredibly bad taste in music to be broadcast as loud as we like. The nearest neighbours are over a thousand miles away so we shouldn’t get many complaints.
We will generate all of the power that we need using Solar panels located on the Boat. Because of their previous
Ocean rowing experience the crew know which items of kit are essential to ensure success. This is a top of the range boat crewed by experienced Ocean Rowers.
There is storage in both cabins on the Boat. We also have storage under the deck which is accessed through waterproof hatches. The kit under the deck also acts as Ballast which makes it less likely that the Boat will capsize in the inevitable rough conditions that the North Atlantic will present.
Safety features:
The boat is self-righting. The original Pure class rowing Boats are actually modelled upon lifeboats. They are extremely resilient and have several compartments which are all independently sealed an buoyant. Each one of these is able to be pumped out, either manually or using an electric bilge pump, in the case of flooding. We will carry a life raft capable of supporting all six crew should the unexpected occur.